justin9191's Journal

Well i've now got a full UK driving license =D. Don't know what else to say really. In a band called Hard Shoulder (myspace.com/theactualhardshoulder) in which we play entirely our own songs which are influenced by a mix of classic and modern rock/alternative. Futhermore i'm actually addicted to music, I couldn't live without it really. I love Jimmy Eat World so much, they're definately my favourite band. Love playing my strat too, kind of ashamed as it's not a Fender, rather a Squire, but I made sure to liven it up by impersonating Hendrix and setting it on fire - looks nostalgic now ;).
I'm in my second year of college, studying Business, English Language and English Literature at A2 level. I go to Worcester Sixth Form and i'm having a blast because i'm with all my mates and around some rreally nice people. I still haven't decided what I wanna do at the end of it all, career wise. I just want to get a job in an office tbf lol.

So that's all I can say really, i'm not great at expressing myself.